Our Purpose


To consistently provide high quality, cost effective health and social care that is efficient, compassionate, holistic and empathic, by:-

  • Involving clients and their relatives in the development of their individualised care plan.

  • Promoting independence and encouraging client and relative participation in the caring process.

  • Providing a safe comfortable, caring and stimulating environment, that affords freedom, choice, privacy and confidentiality.

  • Respecting the individual needs and wishes of our clients and their relatives.

  • Preserving the dignity of all those in our care.

  • Recruiting, training and developing appropriate staff to achieve and maintain the objectives.

  • Valuing our staff and aiding them to meet their needs as well as ours.

  • Forging links with the community, enabling normal social activity to be maintained.

  • Ensuring mutual co-operation and good communication are established and enhanced with all relevant parties.

  • Using feedback from users and professionals to develop and improve our service.

  • Identifying future health and social care needs then planning to meet them.

  • Maintaining high quality health as social care standards through efficient monitoring and auditing.


    The Charity has a fundamental belief in a holistic approach to care.

    Our clients are important individuals, having specific needs, wants, desires and aspirations. We encourage each individual to exercise choice and self-determination, enabling clients to maintain independence, freedom of expression, accepting that some risks are an inevitable part of normal daily living. This approach extends to their family and friends, whose involvement we both encourage and value.

    We believe that our ‘home’ will become their home and that wherever possible, they and their families will be involved in decisions regarding aspects of their care. At all times each individual will be treated with respect and dignity.

    By encouraging choice, individual care and continuing involvement with family and friends, we endeavor to ensure that our clients receive the best quality of life possible to them in an environment that is comfortable, compassionate, friendly, safe and stimulating.